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ZipScan FAQ

Extracting InstallShield CAB files

ZipScan can search and extract files from InstallShield installations built with InstallShield version 5 onwards. As the format of these files is not made public, it is difficult to guarantee that it will work with all versions. However, it has been successfully tested with newer InstallShield X and version 10 CAB files. If you wish to extract require additional DLLs if you wish to extract files.

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What do I get for purchasing a licence?

You will be able to get the full version of ZipScan. Each licence entitles you to run the program on a single machine. If you want to run ZipScan on another computer, you must purchase another licence. A licence entitles you to free upgrades to all future versions of the program.

I purchased ZipScan but have not received anything.

If you purchased through SWREG (Softshop) then you should have received an e-mail confirming your order and containing your registration code and instructions on how to download the full version of the program. If you did not receive this e-mail, contact SWREG and ask them to resend it. If this does not work, contact us with your payment receipt number and we will send you the program by e-mail.

If you purchased through PayPal or another registration service, you should receive an e-mail from us with your registration code and the full version of the program. If this e-mail does not arrive within 24 hours, contact us and we will resend it. If you received the e-mail but the attachment was not sent (for example because it was blocked by your mail server) contact us for advice on another way to receive the program.

How do I purchase multiple copies?

To purchase up to 9 copies of the program, you can use any of the payment methods listed on the Purchase page. Simply enter the quantity required when purchasing.

Discounts are available for purchases of 10 or more copies. These must be made through the US-Dollar SWREG payment site. See here for more information.

Where do I get the latest version of ZipScan.

The latest evaluation version of ZipScan is always available from the website. If you have purchased the full version of ZipScan, you will be notified by e-mail how to obtain the new version. The full version is often released a few days after the evaluation version, so be patient. If you do not receive a notification, contact us with your registration code and/or purchasing receipt code to be added to the list.


How do I install ZipScan?

You should have downloaded or obtained either the evaluation or full version of the program. If you have downloaded a zip file, use WinZip or another archive program to extract the set-up executable. Ensure that the set-up program has the extension '.exe' Simply run the set-up program and it will automatically install itself.

Installation reports 'Setup was unable to update the registry.'

ZipScan needs to write to the Windows registry in order to install itself. When installing on Windows XP or 2000, you must run the set-up program from an account with administrator privileges. If you are installing the program at work, ask your IT support person for help.

Running ZipScan

I can't get to all of the features of ZipScan

Certain features of the program are restricted in the evaluation version. The command line interface is not available and saving the search results is limited to ten files. You must purchase the full version in order to obtain access to all the features. See the Purchase page for more information on purchasing.

The search pattern *.* does not show all files without a file extension.

The search pattern '*.*' will make ZipScan search for all files that contain a '.' in their name. To find all files, use the search pattern '*'

Fails to open JAR files when 'Open Archive File' selected

This usually occurs if JAR files have not been associated with an application. Find a JAR file in Windows Explorer and double-click it. It will ask you which program you wish to open the file with. Choose the correct program from the list, e.g. WinZip and make sure you check the box saying 'Always use this program to open this file' You should now find that the Open Archive File option in ZipScan works correctly.

Fails to extract a file from Zip

The Info-Zip library which ZipScan uses to extract Zip files cannot extract files that contain [square brackets] from Zip files. To extract the files, open the archive file and extract them using your archiving program. Otherwise, the Zip file may be corrupt or you may be trying to extract it to an invalid directory.

Version searching doesn't find files with the version number I searched for

The version information which can be seen in the property pages of some files, especially programs and DLLs, is stored in two formats: a fixed block(containing numbers) and a variable block (containing text). The version search option in ZipScan searches the variable block which should contain the file version in text format, not the fixed block, which holds the file version as numbers. Sometimes there is a discrepancy between the two.

Fails to search JAR files

There are two different types of JAR file. ZipScan only searches the more common format, Java Archives, which are a special type of Zip file.

Other Information

Can you modify the program to exactly fit my requirements?

We offer a very low-cost customisation service. If ZipScan doesn't quite do what you want it to, we can produce a version that is designed just for you.

Can I get the power of ZipScan searching in my own programs?

Yes you can. The ZipScan search engine is available as a separate library. Contact us for more information and pricing.