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Results Window Actions Property Pages

Extracting Files

When ZipScan has found files that are stored inside archive files they can be extracted from those archives. You can select one or more files in the results list, then select ‘Extract’ from the Results menu. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Extract’ button on the left of the screen or right-click the selected items and select the appropriate menu item. You can also extract a file from its property pages.

You will be presented with a dialog that asks for the directory to which you wish the files to be extracted. Enter a path to a directory on your hard disk, or click the ‘Browse’ button to select one. The files will be extracted to this directory. Some files may have sub-directories specified in the archive. In this case, checking the ‘Use folder names’ box will ensure that these folders are preserved. Unchecking this box means that all files will be extracted to the same directory.

If any of the files require a password in order to be extracted, you will be prompted for it. If you have selected any files that are not containing inside archive files, or if part of the extraction process fails, you will be warned that they have not been extracted.

Copy To Clipboard and Drag-Drop

There are other ways to extract files. If you select ‘Copy To Clipboard’ from the Results menu, all the selected files will be extracted to a temporary directory and copied to the clipboard. You can then open up Windows Explorer and paste them into a directory of your choice.

You can also drag the selected files with the mouse to a Windows Explorer window and they will be extracted to that directory.