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Results Window Extracting Files

Results Window Actions

By clicking the column headers you can sort the results list. You can reorder the columns by dragging the column headers. To perform other actions, you can either right-click a file in the results list, select on option under the ‘Results’ menu or select one or more files and click the buttons on the left of the window. There are also keyboard shortcuts for these actions. The following actions are possible:

Open file (Space)

This will open the selected file. If the file is stored inside an archive file, ZipScan will first extract the file to a temporary directory. This will only work if there is an application associated with the file type.

View File

This will open the selected file in the text file viewer that has been selected in the Results Settings page. If the file is stored inside an archive file, it will first be extracted to a temporary directory.

Open Containing Archive (Ctrl-Space)

If the selected file is stored inside an archive, the archive file will be opened. This requires that you have an archiving program such as WinZip or ZipCentral installed on your computer.

You can also open the archive file by double-clicking its name in the ‘Archive File’ column.

Extract file (Ctrl-E)

If the selected files are stored inside an archive file, they can be extracted. See here for more information on extracting files.

Delete Files (DEL)

The selected files will be moved to the recycle bin. This operation can only be performed on files that are in directories. Files that exist in archives will not be deleted.

Remove from List (Ctrl-R)

The selected files will be removed from the list. The files themselves will not be deleted.

Properties (Alt-Enter)

This will display the property pages for the selected file.

Save List

From the results window you can save the results list to a text file. Click here for more information.

Copy To Clipboard (Ctrl-C)

The selected files will be extracted to a temporary folder, if necessary, and copied to the clipboard. You can then paste them into a Windows Explorer window, or to any other application that can accept pasted files.

You can also extract files by dragging them from the Results List to a Windows Explorer window.

Advanced Information

When opening files from the results window, a file can only be opened if there is an application associated with it with the action name "open".

When files are opened from archives, they are first extracted to a temporary folder. When you close the program or start another search, ZipScan tries to delete these files. However, if they are still held open in some other program, the file deletion may fail and the files will stay there.

If a file is stored inside a nested archive, Open Containing Archive will open the outermost archive.