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Search By Text Search Options

Version Resource Search

When searching for files, you can limit the search based on the contents of the files’ version resource tables.

Click the ‘Limit Search’ button on the left of the window. A dialog will open. In here, check the ‘Files where Version resource entry’ box. From the list, choose which member of the files’ resource tables you want to check. Then, enter a text string. When ZipScan searches for files, it will check to ensure that a file has a resource table and only report the file if the appropriate entry in the resource table contains the specified text.

Resource tables are a way of including version and author information inside files. Only certain files contain resource tables – usually application files (.exe), Dynamic Link Libraries and ActiveX controls (.dll, .ocx), fonts (.fon) and various driver files (.sys, .drv). When performing a version resource search, files that do not contain a version resource table will not be reported in the results.

The first occurrence of the text in the version resource table of the file will be shown in the ‘Found Text’ column of the results window, unless you are also performing a text search.

Click here to see a version resource searching example.

Advanced Information

If you wish to find files that contain a resource table but don’t care about the contents of that resource table, check the ‘Files where Version resource entry’ box and choose ‘Any’ from the list but leave the version text box empty.

Note that ZipScan only searches the Variable area of the resources (where entries are text strings), not the Fixed area (where entries such as the version are stored numerically).