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Other Actions Opening or Extracting an Archive File 

CLASSPATH searching

ZipScan includes a feature for Java developers to enable them to find where from where class files are being included. Select ‘Search Classpath’ from the Search menu, or hit the appropriate button on the toolbar.

In the CLASSPATH search dialog, you will see the value of the CLASSPATH environment variable. This is a list of all the directories and archives which may contain class files. If you CLASSPATH variable has not been set, this will show an error message and the OK button will be disabled.

Below this, is an edit box in which you can enter the name of the classes for which you are searching. This can include wildcard characters.

If, for example, you want to find all classes whose names contain the word ‘Exception’, then enter ‘*Exception*’ in the edit box.

Alternatively, enter either ‘*’ or ‘sun.*’ in the edit box and click ‘OK’.

The dialog will close and the results list will show all the .class files that match your specification. Look at the ‘Location’ column to see where the class file is stored.


You may find it convenient to rearrange the columns of the results list, for example to move the ‘Path in Archive’ column to the left. To do this, simply drag the title of the column to the desired position.

Advanced Information

During a CLASSPATH search, ZipScan searches directories, Zip and JAR (.jar, .ear and .war) archives.

CLASSPATH searching ignores all the options that can be set through the Search Parameters Window and the File Extensions Settings Page.

If you run ZipScan with /CP on the command line, it will open the Classpath search dialog on start-up.