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Saving the Results List

At the end of the search, ZipScan can export a list of the files that were found to a text file. Under the Results menu, choose ‘Save List’.

ZipScan can save the list in three formats:

You can choose what information is included in the listing. Firstly, ZipScan can include a list of the Search Parameters that were set during the search at the top of the file. It can also include a summary of the results (such as the number of files found; the number of directories searched etc.) at the end. You can choose which columns of the results list you want to export and whether ZipScan should include headings at the top of these columns.

The list is written in the order that the files appear in the results list. The columns are also arranged according to their order in the list. If you have chosen to remove some files from the results list, they will not be included in the exported file.

If you wish to print a list of the results of your search, you should save the list to a file and then print the file from Windows Explorer or another program.

Advanced Information

When writing an HTML file, you can choose the ‘Active Links’ option. This means that the exported file will include a <A> tag that links to each found file, or the archive file in which it is contained.