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Miscellaneous Settings

Log File Options

ZipScan produces a log file when running that includes information on the searches performed and any errors encountered. By default, this log file will be written to the same directory as the ZipScan program but it can be set to any location.

If you wish to report a bug or problem with ZipScan, you should send this log file to us. Before doing so, check the option to enable ‘Verbose logging’ and then recreate the error, if possible. This will generate extra information in the log file which can help to diagnose the problem.

Help Overlay Window

When you first run ZipScan, it shows a page of simple instructions over the results window until you run your first search. This option allows you to hide this window when you no longer need the help.

Dialog Background

ZipScan shows a patterned background in the search parameters window. This can be corrupted on some computers and obscure the text, so it can be disabled here.

Windows Integration

When you right-click on a directory or archive file in Windows Explorer, there is an option to search that directory or file with ZipScan. Also, archive files can be opened or extracted from this menu. This feature can be deselected by unchecking this box. You can also choose to have this items shown in a sub-menu, for a less cluttered appearance.

Also, when you right-click on a link to a file in Internet Explorer, you are given the option to open it with ZipScan. ZipScan can only open zip files from the Internet.

Note: This feature is not available under Windows 98

When running on Windows 2000 or XP, you must be using a user account with administrator privileges or else changing these settings will have no effect

When you drag an archive file onto the ZipScan window, or when ZipScan is opened with an archive file specified in the command line, you can choose what should happen. Either ZipScan will open the archive file and displays its contents, or it will default the ‘Where To Search’ with the file.

Minimise to system tray when window closed

If checked, then when you click the close button (x) in the top-right corner of the application window, ZipScan will minimise to the system tray instead of closing