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ZipScan Information

Search Zip files and other archives

If you have lots of Zip files, you may lose track of what is kept where. ZipScan gives you the ability to search your archives. You can search for files with particular names, files of a certain size or files containing a text string.

Save time when downloading files

Instead of downloading a large zip file from the internet, ZipScan can show you its contents. Then you can just download the parts you need.

Search version resources

ZipScan can search the version resources of files. If you need to find the right version of a DLL or driver file, ZipScan can search for it. Remember, ZipScan looks through archive files so it will find your file even if it lives inside a CAB (Microsoft Cabinet) file or a Zip file.

Search for Java classes

Java Developers: Zipscan can search JAR (Java Archive) files so you can easily locate your .class files.

Extract files from archives

Need a program to extract files from CABs? ZipScan can extract files from any of the supported archive formats.


If you don't know what zip files are and want some basic information on them, click here.

List of features

Note: Extracting InstallShield CAB files requires an additional download. See the program for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

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