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Search Parameters Basic Searching

Introduction to search parameters

To get started straight away, have a look at Basic Searching.

Search by filename

To specify your search, you first need to enter the name of the file that you are looking for. You enter this in the edit box at the top of the Search Parameters Window which is on the left side of the main ZipScan window. You can use wildcard characters such as * and ? in this filename specification. ZipScan supports different wildcard and regular expression formats, so see Search Patterns for more information.

Where to Search

Next, you need to specify where your search will begin. You can search a whole drive, a directory or a single archive file. You can also choose what sort of archive files you are interested in searching. If you click on the ‘Where To Search’ button in the Search Parameters Window, a dialog will appear where all these options can be set.

Limiting Your Search

If your search is going to produce too many matches, you can limit the search according to various criteria. You can choose to only find files that were modified between particular dates; find files according to their size; look inside the files for a particular text string; or, limit the search according to the Version information that is stored inside them.

Search Options

There are various options that affect how the search is conducted. For example, you may wish to ignore Hidden and System files. These choices can all be made on the dialog that is opened by clicking the Options button on the Search Parameters Window.


Look at the Example Searches for an idea of how to use the search parameters in different situations.