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Search Settings

Show Errors During Search

Choosing this option means that, when errors are encountered during a search, the error will be reported to the user and the search will halt until the user has acknowledged the error. If this option is not selected then the errors will just be added to the Log file.

Show Summary at End of Search

If this option is checked, the program will show a summary of the search including the number of directories and archives searched and the number of files found.

Enable OpenOffice text-searching support

This adds all the file extensions associated with the OpenOffice suite of software. Click here to find out more.

Treat time recorded in Zip files as local time

If you can’t be bothered with the technical info below, this is the Janet-and-John version: if you use WinZip as your archive manager and want file modified times to match those shown in WinZip, enable this option.

Most archive formats and programs record the file modified time in GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) regardless of the time zone in which the file was created. When the file is extracted, the time is converted to the time zone of the computer on which it is extracted. Hence, a file modified in the time zone GMT+2 where the local time is 14:00 will be recorded in an archive as having been modified at 12:00 GMT. If the archive is sent to a computer in time zone GMT-5, the extracted file will be marked as having been modified at 07:00 local time, which correctly reflects the difference in time zones. This matches what would happen if you transferred the file by disk or e-mail from one time zone to another.

However, unlike other archive managers, WinZip does not do this when creating Zip files. Instead, no time-zone conversion will be done, so the above file will be recorded in the archive as having been modified at 14:00 GMT. If it is extracted using WinZip in any time zone, the extracted file will be given the modified time of 14:00 local time. This is different behaviour to other archive managers and can cause a lot of confusion with file times. By checking this option, ZipScan imitates the behaviour of WinZip and regards the time recorded in the archive as being a local time, so times shown in ZipScan match those shown in WinZip.