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Search Results Results Window Actions

Results Window

When ZipScan is searching, the files that it finds are shown in the results window.

As well as the name of the file, the Results window also displays the type and size of the file, its file attributes, when it was last modified and its location (the directory or archive file in which it is contained). If the file is stored inside an archive file, the list also shows the directory path of the file inside the archive and whether or not the file is password-protected.

If you opted to perform a text search on the files, the Found Text column shows a short excerpt from the file that contains the text.

During the search, you can abort the search, or pause and later resume it. These actions are all available under the ‘Search’ menu.

A number of actions are possible on the files that were found during the search. These are only available when the searched has finished or has been aborted.

Advanced Information

A ‘P’ in the Password column of the results list indicates the archived file is password-protected. These files require a password to be entered before they can be opened or extracted.

Although the Found Text column only contains a short excerpt from the file, a longer extract can be seen by opening the file’s property pages. In these excerpts, any unprintable characters are replaced by a dot.