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Example Searches

Example 1 : Simple file search

Suppose you wish to find all files with a .c or .h extension in the folder c:\source and all of its subfolders. Some of these files may be stored in Zip files.

Example 2 : Searching a single archive

If you have a Zip file and wish to list all the files it contains:

Example 3 : Text search

Suppose you have a directory containing backups of old document files. Some of these files are compressed in zip files. You need to find a file containing a letter written to Mr Riley.

Example 4 : Version Resource Search

Suppose you need to find version 1.4 of a DLL called ‘Driver.dll’. You have a collection of CAB files on a CD (such as your Windows CD) and know the DLL is inside one of them.

Example 5: Finding a lost file

Suppose you need to find a lost file called ‘Letter.doc’. It may have been stored inside a Zip file or accidentally moved to an unknown directory.

Example 6: Finding a Windows file

Suppose you have accidentally deleted a system file from Windows and  you need to find it on your Windows CD.

When the file has been found, you can copy or extract it to the correct location on your hard disk.