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Archive Files on the Internet

ZipScan can search files that are on the World Wide Web, without you having to download them! On the ZipScan file menu, select ‘Open Archive on Internet’ and use the browser window that opens to navigate to a zip file. When you have selected a zip file, ZipScan will obtain a list of its contents. You can then use the Results Window to extract individual files from the zip file, without having to download the whole archive.

For example, the CIA publishes a World Factbook that contains information on every country. This is published as HTML files inside a 31 Megabyte zip archive. Supposing you just wanted one of the maps from this archive, without having to download the whole file, you could choose ‘Open Archive on Internet’ and enter the URL:

When you click ‘OK’ ZipScan will read the contents of the zip archive (this will take a short time, depending on the speed of your internet connection) and display them in the Results Window. If you find the map file you want, such as the file ‘antarctic.jpg’ in the list, you can open or extract it as normal. You’ve just saved yourself a 31-megabyte download.

An alternative way to do this is to set Internet Explorer to view the page

There is a link on this page to the .zip file. If you right-click this link, you should see a entry on the menu to ‘Open with ZipScan’.

Note: This feature is not available under Windows 98

Problems opening files on the Internet

This feature of ZipScan does not work in all circumstances. Some web servers do not allow ZipScan to access only the part of the file it requires. Also, some web pages are constructed in a way that means the program cannot find the correct URL of the zip file.