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Getting Started Basic information on Zip Files

Getting Help

ZipScan provides you with help and advice in a number of ways.

You can access this information from the Help menu. It contains help on all aspects of the program.

On the toolbar, there is a help button. If you click this, your mouse cursor will change to a question mark. You can then click anywhere in the ZipScan window and you will see a short help message relating to that part of the window.

The dialog boxes used by ZipScan also have a question mark icon in their top-right hand corner that serves the same purpose. You can also view this help by pressing the ‘F1’ key. Many of the dialogs also have a ‘Help’ button that gives more detailed advice.

If you let your mouse hover over a toolbar button, you will see a pop-up message describing the function of that button.

ZipScan uses a Tip Of The Day system that is automatically enabled when you install the program. Messages giving hints about different aspects of the program are shown whenever the program is started. If these do not appear, select ‘Show Tip of the Day’ from the Help menu and check the ‘Shows Tips at Start-up’ box.

When you run ZipScan, the program shows graphical help over the results window that gives advice on how to run a basic search. This help can be enabled or disabled through the Miscellaneous Settings page.

If you cannot find the answers you require through the help built into the program, please see the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on our website. If this still does not help, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your question.