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Version History

To find out which version of ZipScan you are running, select ‘About’ under the Help menu. You can the latest information on new versions of ZipScan by visiting our website.

Version Date Features

1.0 20 Aug 1999 First Release - search Zip files only

1.0a 23 Sep 1999 Faster searching

1.1 1 Oct 1999 Search CAB files. Results dialog made resizable. Ability to open Zip and CAB files from results dialog

1.1a 5 Oct 1999 Minor bugs fixed File date and time shown in results

1.1b 7 Oct 1999 Now searches directories as well as inside archives.

1.2 21 Jan 2000 Extract files from archives Limit search based on file size Text entry of the search directory Search JAR (Java Archive) files Errors logged to file

1.2 Build 2 26 Apr 2000 About box changed to refer to new website

1.3 12 Jun 2000 Perform text search within archived files Recursively search archives within archives Multiple selection and keyboard shortcuts on results window for quick extraction of files Option of grep-style as well as DOS-style filename searching

1.3a 16 Jun 2000 Fix bug in recursively searching cab files

1.3b 21 Jun 2001 Fixed crashes when text-searching under WinNT

1.4 19 Nov 2001 First Shareware versionSupport for RAR files and self-extracting Zip files Options to view files in Notepad Settings stored in registry instead of ZipScan.ini file Lots of small bug fixes and extra features.

1.5 10 Dec 2001 Search Self-extracting RAR files Version resource search Pause/continue button Improved user interface Properties dialog for files Scanning single drive, single archive, local drives etc. Drag file or directory to the dialog to initialise where to search Choose location of the log file Files shown with system icon Nested archives searched to a depth of 10 Installation / Uninstallation program

1.6 23 Jan 2002 On-line help

1.7 1 Mar 2002 Support for ACE filesSearch Self-extracting cab filesFixed bug in text searchingText or Version Resource search shows found text Integration with Windows shellExtract/Open files from property pageDouble click on archive file to open itReorder results columns with drag-dropSelf-extracting archives are opened in the correct program instead of being run.

1.8 7 Apr 2002 Evaluation version now has all features enabled

1.9 1 Sep 2002 Command Line interface in registered versionOption to ignore file extensionsSeveral bug fixes.Support for .war and .ear files

2.0 26 Nov 2003 Completely new user interface.Date-restricted searching.CLASSPATH searching for Java developers.Full pathname matching optionSupport for TAR and GZIP files and InstallShield CAB archives.Support for password-protected RAR and ACE files.Copy-to-clipboard and Drag-drop features.Save results as csv or html file.Minimise to taskbar.Save/Load search parameters.Open an archive file within ZipScan.

2.0a 10 Dec 2003 Bug fixes to archive file selection and saving the results list.

2.0b 27 Jan 2004 Added support for searching Zip files larger than 2GB. (But extraction still limited to 2GB).Allows user to choose the delimiter when writing CSV files.Program window remembers previous position and size.Fixed bug that meant modified time did not appear when running under Win98.Added option to disable patterned background.Various small bug fixes.

2.0c 28 Feb 2004 Various bug fixesImproved shell integration with extraction from ExplorerText searching used Unicode as well as ASCII matching

2.0d 26 Mar2004 Improvements to InstallShield CAB support: works with newer format and extracts files of any size.Bug fix to extraction code

2.1 6 June 2004 Open Archive files on the InternetSort the results list while searchingBug fixes to extraction from InstallShield CAB and Gzip archives.

2.1a 28 Jun 2004 Improved support for OpenOffice files.Bug fixes to Open Archive files on the Internet.Bug fix to Version Property Page.Bug fix to search and extraction of InstallShield CABs with paths.

2.2 27 Oct 2004 Search WizardSearch multiple locationsSearch IStorage filesSearch self-extracting Zip files on the InternetImproved ‘Open Remote Archive’ dialogExtract files from zip files over 2GBSupport for Unix Compress (.Z) and BZIP archive files.Support for ZOO, LZH and ARJ archive files.Time zone conversion option for zip file extraction.

2.2a 16 Jan 2005 Improvements to Progress dialog.Improved Windows Explorer context menu.Verbose Logging option.Various small improvements and bug fixes.

2.2b 6 Feb 2005 Bug fix to Explorer context menus.Support for InstallShield 10 and InstallShield X CAB files.

2.2c 21 Oct 2005 New Zip library removes restrictions on large files and filenames with square brackets.Bug fixes to extraction of various archive types.Explorer context menu for self-extracting zips.Support for OpenOffice.Org v2 file extensions.

2.2d 24 Feb 2006 Bug fix to command line interface.