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Search Patterns Searching Multiple Locations

Where to Search

To open this dialog, click the ‘Where To Search’ button in the Search Parameters Window or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F3.

You can choose where to look for files. You can search for files that are in directories, files that are inside archive files such as Zip, CAB, RAR, ACE, JAR, TAR or GZIP files. You can also search self-extracting archive files.

You can choose where to begin the search. This can be a drive, a directory or an archive file.

From the list, you can:

Recursive Search

You can then choose ‘Recursively Search Sub-Directories’ to look in any directories inside the drive or directory you are searching.

Choosing ‘Recursively Search Archives’ means that ZipScan will look inside nested archive files.

IStorage Files

IStorage files are compound files that typically contain several data streams. ZipScan is able to treat IStorage files as archives and extract their data streams as files. This is particularly useful when used with HtmlHelp files, which have the extension .CHM. HtmlHelp files are a collection of HTML pages and using ZipScan you can search and extract the HTML and images. Other IStorage files include Microsoft Word .doc files, though searching and extracting them may be less useful.

By default, only .CHM files are searched, though you can specify other file types on the File Extension Settings page.

Advanced Information

Depending on the settings in the Miscellaneous Settings Page, if you drag a single directory or archive file to the dialog, the 'Where to Search' options will be automatically set to search that directory or archive. You can also specify this initial location on the program's command line.

When looking into nested archive files, ZipScan looks to a depth of ten archives.