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Program Information Customisation

Limitations (Things ZipScan can’t do)

Below are some of the known issues and omissions in ZipScan. If you can think of any features you would like to see added, please get in touch and let us know your suggestions.

If you would particularly like a feature added to ZipScan, you can get us to customise the program according to your requirements.

64-Bit Zip Files

There is a new format for Zip files that supports files larger than 4GB and can use strong encryption. ZipScan is able to search and extract these new larger files but is not able to extract those that use strong encryption.

UTF-Encoded CAB Files

There are certain types of CAB files that ZipScan cannot search. Some CAB files store their filenames as Unicode characters (UTF encoding) and an error will be reported for these.

JAR Files

There are two completely different types of JAR files. ZipScan only recognises those created as Java archives. It will report errors if it encounters the other sort.

Archived Continuation Archive

Some archive formats allow the archive to stretch across multiple files – there are known as continuation archive files. ZipScan is able to deal with continuation files provided they are stored in a directory. However, if the continuation archive files are stored inside another archive file, the program fails to find the continued files and reports an error.

Note that InstallShield CAB files are often continuation archives and so these can usually not be searched if they are stored inside another archive. Also, ZipScan cannot currently search self-extracting InstallShield files.

Command Line Interface

ZipScan’s command line interface allows you to access most of the program’s search facilities. However it cannot deal with password-protected files. Nor can the found files be extracted at the end of the search. Limiting the search by date or by version resource criteria is also not supported.