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Where to Search Limiting the Search

Searching Multiple Locations

ZipScan can search several directories or archives files in one operation. For each directory or archive specified, ZipScan performs a full search using all the other options you have specified.

From the ‘Where to Search’ dialog, you can selected ‘Multiple Locations’ from the drop-down list. Then, you can type in a list of files and directories to search, separated by semicolons, such as this:

C:\temp\ ; c:\files\; c:\temp\

Alternatively, by clicking the ‘Browse’ button to more easily choose the directories and archives you wish to search.

You can use this feature to limit the archive files that are searched. For example, supposing you had a directory containing lots of zip files, but only wanted to search those zip files whose names began with ‘Excel’. Using the multiple search locations feature, you could specify the location as:


Advanced Information

Care should be taken with this option as it is easy to accidentally search the same location twice. For example, you might want to search two folders: c:\temp\ and c:\temp\files\

If you have chosen to recursively search directories, all the sub-directories of c:\temp\ will be searched and so c:\temp\files will be searched twice.

Alternatively, you might specify the directory c:\temp\ and the zip files c:\temp\ If you have chosen to search zip files in the ‘Where to Search’ options, the file will be searched as part of the searching of c:\temp\ and then searched again.