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Extracting Files Saving the Results List

Property Pages

When your search has finished, you can view the properties of the files that have been found. Select one of the files and choose ‘Property Pages’ from the Results menu or click the appropriate button on the toolbar. Alternatively, right-click the file and open the property pages from there.

The general property page shows information on the file such as where it is stored and its size. If the ‘Password Protected’ button is checked, the file requires a password in order to be extracted from the archive file that contains it. In this case, you may have had to supply the password in order to view these pages.

If you performed a text search, the Found Text box shows a longer extract from the file than was visible in the results list.

From here, you can open the file, or, if it is stored inside an archive file, extract it to a directory.

The version property page shows the version resource information of the file, if it has any.